Vehicle Cleaning

When you have your vehicle cleaned by J.R.’s Carpet and Tile Cleaning, you can expect an experienced member of the company to arrive on time and prepared to do what is necessary to make your upholstery look its best. These are the steps we take so you can have a fresh, clean vehicle:

  • Your vehicle’s upholstery and floors will be inspected to identify unusual wear patterns, stains, or anything else that may need to be addressed before cleaning
  • The upholstery and floors will be pre-sprayed to loosen the dirt
  • All heavily soiled and stained areas will be scrubbed
  • The upholstery and carpet will be rinsed to extract the soil and water with a powerful truck mounted, hot water carpet cleaning machine
  • When upholstery and carpet protection is chosen, it will be the applied on the final step

How do you clean pet odors and stains from vehicles?

  • Before cleaning, a black light will be used to locate the stains from pets
  • A pet stain neutralizer will be added to the pre-treat
  • Appropriate cleaning steps will be done (see above)
  • Apply post treatment to remove any residual odor

Drying time varies depending on conditions like heat, cold, and humidity at the time the vehicle is cleaned. Generally, within 1-2 hours you can enjoy your fresh clean vehicle.

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